WikiHow to Be Relevant

You don’t have to stay in the loop if you become the loop.

The “srat squat” and the “frat boi” pose. An optimal method of announcing to the world that you are in college.

Accessorization. What better way of letting your friends know you’re with it, than by wearing it?

But remember, an insta S/O is the best accessory.

Know your meme. No explanation necessary.

Food always eats first. Really regardless of what it is.

You either get VSCO girled or you are the VSCO girl.

Know the angles. Not necessarily your angles, but like…. you know the ones.

Alleviate perpetual FOMO by letting everyone know that you did not, in fact, miss out.

Creative Direction Isabelle Roig
Styling Isabelle Jefferis
Words Isabelle Roig
Beauty Stephanie Chui
Photographs Isabelle Roig
Featuring Alex Lutz, Ben Goodfriend, G Hao Lee, Daniel Osemobor, Cameron Bryant, Lelandra Randle, Rhea Kukkal, and Bridget McGinn

Armour Magazine Season 24 — S/S 2020

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