Ode to Orange

Oh, Orange!
For a color,
A fruit,
And a word with which we cannot rhyme,
How we love to hate you!

Like the poor woman compared to a traffic cone,
You are never enough, yet always too much.
The amorous man does not turn his head for you,
Rather surrenders himself to oncoming vehicles!

The combination of red and yellow,
You will always be Secondary—
Everything and nothing like your predecessors. 
Too vulgar to seduce,
Too intoxicating to enchant,
Oh, if only you were Primary!
Perhaps then,
We would realize your brilliance,
As one does when another plays hard-to-get.
Perhaps, then,
We would call them “orangeheads” and not “redheads!”

Oh, Orange

How we love to hate you!
Until the taste of sunset touches our lips,
And we hold onto your last sweet drops,
Before they turn to dusk.
Blinded by darkness,
Only your reflection can guide us to the light. 
And when we are safe again, 
We bellow out, “Trick, or Treat?!”
As if we don’t know the answer!

Creative Direction Abbie Leonard and Catherine Herlihy
Words Meyme Nakash
Photographs Anika Kumar
Editor Nisha Mani
Stylists Ava Farrar and Erica Coven
Featuring Nick Blake

Armour Magazine Season 26 — S/S 2021

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