Armour is a student-run publication at Washington University in St. Louis. Since 2012, Armour has served as a platform for creative and cultural leaders in and beyond the WashU community. In addition to its online platform, Armour maintains a biannual print magazine, as well as regular events and collaborations.

The Armour community is fluid, inspired, and hardworking—we’re always looking for new submissions, collaborators, and allies in the field. If you’re interested in making something with us, email

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Emily Hanson
& Jonah Thornton

Layout Directors
Kennedy Morganfield
& Virginia Pittman

Visual Directors
Izzy Jefferis
& Kirsten Holland

Head Writer
Haley Harris

Digital Director
Lu Gillespie

Public Relations
Simone Hanna

Development / Operations
Logan Krohn

Social Media Director
Erica Coven

Set Direction
Fatima Garcia