A Shift Towards the Minimal

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2017 was a major year for the beauty industry. With the rise of brands like Milk Makeup, Fenty Beauty, and Glossier, a trend in the beauty world has become clear, Minimalism. Over the past few years, Youtube and Instagram trends have been taking over the beauty industry. Beauty fans saw the rise of contouring and highlighting, baking, false eyelashes, and liquid matte lipstick. None of these trends scream minimalist, in fact, they are quite the opposite of minimalist.  In 2017, we saw a revolt against these trends and witnessed a movement in the  beauty world, a shift towards the minimal. This trend included bare skin, new forms of skincare, simple eye looks with splashes of color, glossy lips and many more. These trends were apparent in the products that were released in 2017. This past year, Glossier became a revolutionary brand for makeup and skincare. Their emphasis on healthy skin and natural makeup is a complete change from recent trends on social media. Similarly, Milk Makeup has been a recognizable force this  year, specializing in funky holographic products that are minimalistic and on trend. Some favorites include their Blur Stick which creates an even base, and their eye vinyl, the perfect product for creating the non-sticky glossy lid. The release of Fenty Beauty reinforced this new approach to makeup. Rihanna’s products are natural and  lightweight, and allow the user to get creative with their makeup. On Fenty’s website they say that their products, “make skin look like skin”.  The launch of Fenty Beauty was extremely influential to the beauty world. Through Fenty Beauty, Rihanna emphasized inclusion for people of all skin tones by creating 40 shades of her foundation. She set the new precedent for the industry, a precedent of inclusion. She released many products that can help to create the perfect minimal look. With her “Match Stix” cream highlight, contour, and blush sticks the user can create an effortless dewy look. She also released a universal lip gloss named “Gloss Bomb” that is the perfect finishing touch to any look

Fenty Beauty

Many luxury brands are participating in the minimal trend as well. Natasha Denona and Pat McGrath Labs are releasing products to create unique eye looks, and are putting less emphasis on masking the skin. Their Instagram posts display this idea, depicting models with just a splash of color on their lids and with minimal liner and mascara, focusing on the beauty of the shadow. This past year, Natasha Denona  released her Sunset palette, retailing for a whopping $129. While most will agree that this price point is steep, there is no denying that her products will help the user achieve a beautiful look. While many people would steer away from this pricey pallete, according to Sephora reviews many were swayed by beauty influencers on YouTube. Tati Westbrook, also known as Glam Life Guru on YouTube, has been extremely vocal about her love for Natasha Denona Shadows. In her review of the sunset palette she claimed that they “stayed bright vibrant and gorgeous” after an entire day of wearing the shadows. It is clear that people will pay for higher end products to achieve a minimal and striking look. Similarly, Pat McGrath released her pricey Mothership palettes, allowing the user to create stunning, yet simple looks.

Natasha Denona

Trends will always come and go, especially in the world of makeup. With influencers shaping consumer habits, trends become a major force for the industry. Recently, many influencers have turned to this minimal style, creating looks without foundation, sporting a holographic eye, or letting their eyebrows grow out naturally. Minimalistic makeup is fitting for the time, allowing for expression and self confidence. Being an avid beauty lover, I had to test out the trend for myself. While I usually stick to a medium or full coverage foundation, I started to incorporate bb-cream in to more of my looks. I have found the SmashBox BB Water to be an amazing product to achieve a dewy and fresh base. This switch to BB cream has allowed my looks to appear less cake-y and let my natural skin shine through. I have also started to switch out some of my powder products for cream products. I have found that using a cream blush and highlight are great tools for achieving a glowy and natural look.

While I know that there are times when full coverage makeup is appropriate, by trying out this new trend I have begun to incorporate some aspects of the trend into my everyday makeup routine. So go out there, rock a glossy eye, or try to go foundation-less for a night out. See how it feels, you never know, it may just become your signature look.