East Meets West
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Kimono robes, mandarin collars, qipao dresses, dragon-embroidered shirts—the list goes on, for so many Western trends can be traced back to Eastern cultures. Many of these styles have cultural significances in their own respective countries that are forgotten once brought … Read More

Young & Innovating: Melisa Seah
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  Recently, I caught up with an old friend, Melisa Seah. Back in high school, she started a club called Run Without Boundaries that raised thousands of dollars a year to support local Shanghai charities. Now, attending USC Marshall School of Business … Read More

A Personal Pursuit: Genderless Fashion
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Project Statement: In this photoshoot, I want to show people that clothing doesn’t have a gender, but rather is inanimate pieces of fabric on a breathing human body. Why should it matter if girls play with trucks, boys play with dolls, women wear … Read More

Young & Innovating: Andrew Glantz
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Photography: Allie Henner When you hear consumption, your first thought might be about food. Media consumption, however, has become a prominent factor in our lives due to its unimaginable reach and power. GiftAMeal blends both media and food consumption in … Read More