Backpacks of Washington University

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As students, our backpacks are arguably our most important accessory. They basically serve as extensions of ourselves in our daily lives, containing all of our most important items. It serves to reason that since we carry our backpacks on us at all times, we’d want them to fit our own personal style. In fact, backpacks can be more than just vessels for our books and papers, and can serve as an amazing form of self-expression. Some people choose to decorate their bags with pins and patches, while others choose unique and interesting patterns, while others choose to keep their design simple and minimalistic. Just by walking around campus, one can see so many interesting and stylish backpacks that give you a pretty good idea about what the owner is like. We decided to take a look around Washington University’s campus for the most creative and interesting backpacks, and here is what we found.

Writing: Ella Faust

Photography: Chris O’Toole

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