BOYS: Let’s Bring Overalls Back

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Image courtesy of SMF Blog: “a gentleman’s style guide”.


Where did overalls go?


Over the past year, I’ve come to recognize a rather ironic (and paradoxical) observation: men are being underrepresented. You say what now?

Before you put me under scrutiny for being an oblivious misogynist, I should clarify that the type of underrepresentation I’m referring to is primarily not found within the STEM fields, politics, or mainstream sports media, but in the world of fashion. So I will ask again: Where did overalls go?

Women have constantly been killing the game. As seen by Taylor Swift in a low cut set of black overalls, Zendaya sporting a unique denim on denim outfit, and this Forever 21 model in a more classic and minimalistic look, overalls are always in season for women (cold winters are a valid exception).  

As for the men? A quick google search of “male celebrities in overalls” will show you that Will Smith, Chance the Rapper, and Tupac are (or were) all in fact killing the game, too. However, the list pretty much stops there. When the 90’s ended, apparently so did men’s interest in overalls. And trust me, we want to change that.

For people of all genders, overalls should be at the top of your shopping cart for this upcoming summer break. With varying fits, cuts, colors, and lengths, overalls allow you to personalize your style while, most importantly, being able to remain confident and comfortable. Just ask Chubbies.  

For those of you wanting to bring back the trend, here are my 3 correct ways (or the 3 Cs) for guys to wear overalls. Let’s show other men what they’re missing out on (and get people of all genders to hop on the bandwagon).





  1. Be Classic

Recommended: ASOS

Price: $53

How to pull it off: With a classic look, keep it simple. Throw on a plain tshirt and some flats and you’re good to go.







2. Be Comfortable (and a little Crazy)

Recommended: Forever 21

Price: $27.50

How to pull it off: For a more relaxed fit, Forever 21 offers a cheap option in a lighter wash. Choose a colorful t-shirt or cutoff to wear under a white pair of overalls to give off some summer vibes (this is your excuse to wear that tie dye shirt everyone hates). If a light wash and/or color isn’t for you, check out the man balancing on the blue milk crate for style tips.







  1. Be Confident

Recommended: Northern Grip or Walls Hickory Striped Overall

Price: $35-$45 (price varies with size)

How to pull it off:
For the summer, try wearing a pattern, or even showing off a little skin. For these overalls, keep in mind they’re made for working gear, so they have a pretty loose fit. Go down a size or two as needed for a slimmer fit. Check your local thrift store for a cheaper option.




However you decide to style your overalls look this summer, just make sure that the stunning person you’ve dreamt of being with catches a glimpse… and you can thank me later.

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