BOYS: 7 Ways to Up Your Style Game

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Hey boys, does your mom still buy all your clothes? Do any of your pants have pleats in them? Do you even know what pleats are? Are you tired of getting made fun of for wearing cargo shorts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please, for the love of god, continue reading (and if you answered no to them all, humor me and continue on).

Here is my comprehensive startup guide on how to dress better for men. I have provided links to all of my suggestions for your ease of shopping. Remember, there are always exceptions to these rules, but let’s be real, if you answered yes to any of the questions above, I wouldn’t try breaking these just yet.


1) Wear clothes that fit

If it’s baggy, chances are, don’t wear it. This applies especially to jeans, chinos, tee shirts and suit jackets.

2) When in doubt, wear a black tee

They’re simple and make everyone look better. They’re great for going to class, a casual dinner or going out with a squad. I like to buy mine online from Uniqlo.

3) Go pick up a trendy pair of sneakers

If you’re rocking Under Armour basketball shoes, I’m talking directly to you. Adidas Stan Smiths, Vans Old Skools or Nike Roshes are a great place to start — otherwise, just about anything on this site is cool, too.

4) Invest in a good pair of jeans.

Especially ones that fit you well. Go slim fit or skinny (if you’re bold) and ALWAYS go tapered. Uniqlo has great selvedge jeans at an incredible price. In fact, my luxury goods professor in Paris told me that he prefers Uniqlo jeans to Dior, which is really saying something. So go buy a pair of Uniqlo jeans.

5) Rethink your lazy day outfits

Feeling lazy? You can still look great! Grab a pair of joggers and a cool hoodie to team up with your new sneakers. Adidas soccer pants work too. You’re legitimately wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, so you can’t complain about comfort here, boys.

6) Do something with your hair

If you’re still getting a buzz cut or your hair is the same length on the tops as it is on the sides, this is especially relevant for you! It’s an easy and safe move to get a fade on the sides and leave the top a bit longer (see page 14). Don’t be scared to use product like a simple pomade or Brylcream for those of us with curly hair.

7) Don’t forget about jackets

That puffy North Face just doesn’t really make the cut anymore. Try a bomber jacket (you can get cheaper version from Zara) or a classic jean jacket, which you can pick up for cheap from Avalon on the loop.


Thank you for making it this far! Your initiative to up your fashion game inspires me. And remember, if these rules are too hard, please do me a favor and try to avoid the following: Sperry’s, baggy sweatpants, oversized button downs, salmon shorts and sneakers that are actually meant for playing sports (keep them on the field, court, etc).


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