Men’s Self Care: Importance Beyond Gender
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Written in collaboration with the editorial team at For Hims Self-care is an essential part of a person’s day. It allows us to unwind, relax and treat ourselves so we are able to handle the insane amount of stress we … Read More

A Shift Towards the Minimal
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2017 was a major year for the beauty industry. With the rise of brands like Milk Makeup, Fenty Beauty, and Glossier, a trend in the beauty world has become clear, Minimalism. Over the past few years, Youtube and Instagram trends … Read More

Fenty Beauty: A Step Forward For The Beauty Industry
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If you follow anyone in the beauty industry, even just one influencer, there is no doubt that you have encountered Fenty Beauty. Since Fenty’s release this September, the brand has jump-started a makeup revolution. The brand is known for its … Read More

Extended Feature: Hair Removal
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A meme has been circulating lately, where a girl sends a photo of a beauty blender to a boy asking him if he knows what the object is. The girl then takes a screenshot of his response, which typically varies … Read More

Extended Feature: Perfume
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      Chanel Mademoiselle: a classic scent that I have loved for years, but only recently have discovered its name. Upon catching a whiff of the warm citrus-jasmine-vanilla aroma, I was immediately overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia. I knew … Read More

Dirty Lemon: The College Kid’s Juice Cleanse
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Dirty Lemon: The College Kid’s Juice Cleanse It’s been hard to avoid the millions of Instagram posts highlighting well known juice cleanse companies such as Cold Pressed Juicery and BluePrint Juice. To say the least, the juice cleanse trend has … Read More

Glossier: Beauty’s Newest Cutting Edge Brand
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Photography: Mikki Janower   Glossier, a young two-year-old makeup company founded by Emily Weiss is the fresh face of the beauty industry. Emily Weiss, who started her career at Vogue, originally founded a beauty blog called “Into the Gloss” in which … Read More

The Highlight – Extended Feature
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Behind the scenes photos taken by: Ellen Bottcher Makeup: Loring Telleen and Meredith Bickett Models: Daphne Harrington and Jake Deluca

Beyond Guyliner: The Rise of Male Cosmetics
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“They all look the same,” my friend griped as I twirled a container of copper eyeshadow between my fingers while standing in the middle of Sephora. “Now come help me,” he ordered. “And remember, like you promised—clandestinely.” Boys. I thought … Read More