A Talk with Fauxgerty
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Sustainable fashion creates an opportunity for consumers to bring environmental consciousness into our lives as we consider what we put on our bodies each and every day. These standards of living are what inspired Chrissy Fogerty to create her own … Read More

On Our Radar: Zoe Finkelstein
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Tell us a little bit about your show. My show is called The Vegan Carnivore Chronicles feat. Queen P (Queen P is Zoe’s cat). My co-host [Josephine Lyss-Williams] and I don’t stick to a specific genre; we’ve adopted a play-whatever-youre-feeling-that-week … Read More

Street Style: Form over Function
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When you think about beanie hats, the first thing that might come to mind is to keep our heads warm in cold weather. However, as I’m writing this, I’m sitting comfortably inside a warmed room and continue to wear my … Read More

Urban Exploration: Bowood Farms
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Ranging from succulents to festive garland and anything in between, Bowood Farms has everything you could possibly desire. Located on Olive Street in the Central West End, the exterior of the weathered, brick warehouse gives no indication of the lively … Read More

Urban Exploration: St. Louis Doughnut Crawl
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The WashU bubble is real, but what better way to challenge that gravitational pull towards Danforth campus than to explore St. Louis through doughnuts? Yes, doughnuts. Not the BD brunch pastries you know and love, but mouthwatering, freshly-made doughnuts. The … Read More

Street Style: Gender Neutral Fashion
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Currently, gender divisions are dissolving and new forms of sexual orientations seem to be created on the daily. To the liberal-minded, gender can be considered more of an obsolete idea than an inborn attribute. More people are declaring themselves transgender, … Read More

Avalon Exchange: An Expose
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Photos by Eric Li Modeling by Kuu Chen We have all walked past the window front on the Delmar Loop, displaying funky ensembles of clothing and have wondered what exactly goes on behind the glass. Eric Li, Kuu Chen, and … Read More

The Jewel Box
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One can’t help but stand in awe of the Jewel Box: its 50 feet high glass panels will make your neck stretch upwards in an attempt to absorb the entirety of the building. It isn’t hard to believe that after the $3.5-million-dollar … Read More

Dirty Lemon: The College Kid’s Juice Cleanse
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Dirty Lemon: The College Kid’s Juice Cleanse It’s been hard to avoid the millions of Instagram posts highlighting well known juice cleanse companies such as Cold Pressed Juicery and BluePrint Juice. To say the least, the juice cleanse trend has … Read More

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