Five Coffee Shops for Getting Your Grind On
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      We’re well into October and things are in full swing. That means that our days are often filled with test prep, essay writing and stressing. However, I have found that seeking study solace in the coffee shops around … Read More

Charlie Le Mindu’s Rise to Fame
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Picture this: Charlie le Mindu grew up in a France, and by the age of five he already knew he wanted to be an artist. He would play with the hair of the dolls his mother bought him. From here, … Read More

Pretty In Pantone
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In 1857, a French linguist by the name of Ferdinand de Saussure developed a theory that language produces various realities, giving the famed example of the color blue: in Russian, there are two words that represent what in English we … Read More

Critique of the BMI Bill
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In August, France enacted a bill banning the use of models whose body mass index (BMI) is under the cut off of that which doctors have deemed healthy, which is a BMI of 18. If an agency is found to … Read More

Our Generation’s World Fair: ComplexCon
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For those who haven’t heard of Complex, it’s a brand, website and magazine that focuses in on streetwear, hip-hop, art, and even sneaker culture. Complex reports on trends within these categories as well as style, pop culture, music and sports, … Read More

The Food Blogger to the Midwest
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                                                 Julia Calleo, the woman behind, and I are meeting at the Kaldi’s Coffee on Carondelet … Read More

Festival of Nations
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In search of the cultural gems STL has to offer? If so, the Festival of Nations should become your August tradition. I’ve attended each year since starting as a student at Washington University, and have only grown more excited by … Read More

The Convergence of Fashion and Music
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Besides the rise of the art album, two of my favorite creative platforms have been converging: fashion and music. Fashion lines by celebrities used to serve more as marketing ploys or cheap send-ups, but now it’s a thing—still vying for … Read More

Demystifying the French Woman
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Popular culture loves to idolize the elusive French woman and her chic, effortless lifestyle. Almost daily, features a new post on how to dress, groom, kiss, Instagram, or snack like la parisienne. It’s comical. One of my favorite headlines … Read More

The Scoop on Fashion’s Marriage with Technology
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Gone are the days when technology was synonymous with being geeky and out of style. In fact, technology is more in style now than ever, and it is changing every aspect of our lives. The fashion industry is catching on … Read More

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