Dirty Lemon: The College Kid’s Juice Cleanse

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Dirty Lemon: The College Kid’s Juice Cleanse

It’s been hard to avoid the millions of Instagram posts highlighting well known juice cleanse companies such as Cold Pressed Juicery and BluePrint Juice. To say the least, the juice cleanse trend has intrigued me. However, once I found out that it involved spending 200 dollars to not eat for a week, I decided that this wasn’t the best fit for my lifestyle. With all of the energy spent studying and keeping up with campus activities, not eating would be an unhealthy disaster. But I’ll admit it, the “cleansing” aspect sounded appealing. In the midst of late-night dominos, hyper-caffeinated study sessions, and half and halfs, it’s hard to feel refreshed in the college environment. That’s where Dirty Lemon comes in.


Dirty Lemon’s mission claims that their brand, “blends function with modern convenience” encouraging individuals to try their new take on the craze. Instead of spending a week not eating, Dirty Lemon’s cleanses accompany and complement a normal healthy diet, and can make natural changes while tasting great. The cleanse differs in price as well; each 6-day case is offered at a moderate price of 65 dollars, in contrast to other cleanses priced at 360 dollars for a 5 day cleanse. Not only is the regimen cheap in comparison to other juices in the market, but it’s also easy. While most other cleanses on the market require 6-8 juices to be drank a day (wow), DL only requires only 1, with no strict schedule. Each cleanse is made by a team of nutritionists that make all-natural solutions to have us feeling and looking great. As well as natural, DL is transparent about their ingredients.


DL’s branding is just as noteworthy. Their packaging is an innovative take on the cleanse trend: a slick, modern look, with a highly cosmetic vibe. Their website is minimalist and user friendly, and perhaps the most intriguing aspect to the Dirty Lemon brand, is that to order, you must send a text to their company number. The number is available to text 24/7 for first timers and reorders.
After seeing almost every beauty blog rave about the product, I decided to try it myself. I was fortunate enough to receive a case each of the Skin + Hair and Detox cleanse to review on behalf of armour – compliments of those at Dirty Lemon themselves.



Skin + Hair

The Skin + Hair cleanse is made of filtered water, cold pressed lemon juice, horsetail (an herb with a high amount of silica), red clover, cayenne, and hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides. This formula is said to improve skin elasticity, hydration, skin density, and increase internal collagen production, resulting in an increase in hair nutrients and health.


The cleanse involved drinking one bottle a day at any time I liked, not affecting my normal schedule at all.  It tasted great, like lemonade with a dash of cayenne.


Even after just one week of cleansing (CEO Zak Normandin recommends two weeks before seeing results) my skin and hair felt replenished. My hair no longer felt weak and thin, visibly shinier and fuller than before, and my breakouts faded away and were replaced with fresh, bright skin. Of course my hair and skin didn’t completely transform, but it did feel naturally enhanced, my body feeling fresh and hydrated too. I appreciated that much-needed boost in nutrients to combat the intensity of daily life at Wash U.



Detox is made of filtered water, cold pressed lemon juice, dandelion root, ginger root, and activated charcoal from coconut shells. The formula works to calm the stomach, support liver/kidney function, and trap impurities before they enter the body. Charcoal acts as a natural absorbing element and laxative.


I drank a bottle of Detox every night before going to bed. This time the drink tasted like unsweetened lemonade, delicious for a sour lover like myself. After drinking every night my stomach would feel warm and soothed, and the next morning I felt fresh and replenished much like I felt after Skin + Hair.


The drink had all the hydrating benefits as Skin + Hair, and also brought on so much positivity. Maybe it was the removal of toxins, or the healthy glow I adopted, but my mood improved, and I felt relaxed and encouraged to make time for self care to keep the relaxation as long as possible. It was a great change from the bloated, lethargic me I had been so used to.



How can I try it?

Skin + Hair and Detox didn’t make my hair grow into a thick long mane, and I didn’t lose six pounds in six days like some cleanses promise. But Dirty Lemon works naturally and honestly, allowing users to continue with a regular healthy diet while getting an extra kick much needed by busy college students. While I may not have changed dramatically, I felt fresh, motivating me to develop a healthier regimen to keep that feeling as long as possible. I was kicked back into healthy habits, For the distressed worn out college kid, Dirty Lemon is the cleanse that will help kick you back into healthy habits.


Text 917-588-0640 to inquire about ordering a case, or visit dirtylemon.com or @dirtylemon on instagram to get the DL on Dirty Lemon.unnamed-2


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