Fenty Beauty: A Step Forward For The Beauty Industry

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If you follow anyone in the beauty industry, even just one influencer, there is no doubt that you have encountered Fenty Beauty. Since Fenty’s release this September, the brand has jump-started a makeup revolution. The brand is known for its unique, natural, fun and colorful products. Rihanna, the creator of the makeup line, has used her own unique makeup style as the source of inspiration for the products. She usually sports a natural base, letting her true skin shine through, with the occasional pop of color on her eyes and lips. The initial release contained a matte foundation and primer, contour and highlight sticks, blotting powder, ultra blinding highlighters, universal lip gloss, and more. This revolutionary launch shocked the beauty community in its affordability and inclusivity. The pro filter matte foundation comes in 40 shades, catering to all skin tones and different undertones. Additionally, the  highlight and contour sticks satisfy the needs of all skin tones. The highlighters, praised by influencers on YouTube and Instagram, are applauded for their strong pigmentation and smooth application. The highlighters come in unique yet flattering colors such as Trophy Wife, an intense gold pigment.

The brand has been compared to Kim Kardashian West’s earlier release, KKW Beauty. With a similar vibe and minimalistic approach, however, many consumers seem to favor Fenty. Consumers claim KKW’s release as exclusive, and not worth the money. Alternatively, when shoppers look at Fenty products, they directly see Rihanna’s dedication to the consumer. While the products are exceptional in quality, Fenty Beauty is more than the products alone.Rihanna’s commendable release of inclusive products is a major step forward in the beauty industry. Many hope the successful launch will show other major brands that producing a full shade range is not only meritorious, but profitable. After Rihanna’s initial release, Fenty quickly released the Galaxy collection, another great set of products. I can’t wait to see what the future entails for Fenty Beauty, and where it brings the beauty industry in its journey towards inclusivity and equality.