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Glossier, a young two-year-old makeup company founded by Emily Weiss is the fresh face of the beauty industry. Emily Weiss, who started her career at Vogue, originally founded a beauty blog called “Into the Gloss” in which she interviewed models and celebrities she met on Vogue sets in a colloquial and casual manner. Eventually, Weiss took note of the success and notoriety her blog was receiving prompting her to launch her own beauty line, Glossier. Glossier was founded by and for relatable women.

After reading countless articles about the new beauty brand and seeing multiple Instagram and Tumblr posts featuring sleek Glossier products, I decided it was time for me to put the hype to the test. Glossier is famous for both it’s makeup and skin products, however I decided to focus on the makeup side of the business since my skin hasn’t been acting up too much lately *knocks on wood*. In an effort to shine a light on a wide range of products, I opted to order the Phase 2 set.

The Phase 2 set includes the Boy Brow (I ordered “brown”), the Stretch Concealer (I ordered “light”), and the Generation G matte lip shade (I ordered “crush”). Overall, the whole set costs $50 which is a little pricy, but being the expert bargain hunter I am, I was able to find a coupon code online and knock off $10. I ended up paying $40 which honestly is not outrageous for a high quality makeup set. Glossier also decides to give the gift of free shipping to all customers that order products over $30.

I eventually received the package about a week and a half after ordering. In the end the wait was worth it because Glossier really knows what they’re doing when it comes to packaging. The products were sealed in a beautifully sleek white box stamped with the Glossier logo. A chic picture of a model wearing the Phase 2 products was plastered on the inside of the box. The products were all in a cute hot pink bubble wrap pouch and were boxed in elegant light pink boxes. Glossier also sent a poster and stickers in the package which was definitely a plus. Marketing and Communication Design majors, take note! The next day, I put each of the products on at the beginning of the day and judged them based on their aesthetics, coverage/intensity, comfort, and durability on a scale of 1-10.


Boy Brow Eyebrow Gel

I am absolutely in love with this product. At first when I put it on, I thought it might be a little too intense and that I could have opted for the blond color instead of brown. However, after feathering it out a little bit with a dry eye brow spooly, I knew I made the right decision. I adored the natural yet polished effect this product had on my brows. So, as far as aesthetics go, I’d give this the Boy Brow a solid 8. On the intensity/coverage front, the Boy Brow gets a 5. If you’re looking for an artificially bold brow look, this product probably won’t cut it. This product was also very comfortable and it felt like there was nothing on my brows so it gets a 10 for comfort. Despite its lightweight comfort, the Boy Brow also for the most part lasted throughout the day scoring an 8 in regards to durability. Averaging out all these categories, this product gets a 7.75.


Stretch Concealerp1020063

Just like I am of the Boy Brow, I’m a big fan of the Stretch Concealer. This concealer was super lightweight and gave me light to medium coverage over the problem areas on my face. It gets a 10 on comfort and a 6 on intensity. It also perfectly matched my skin tone and blended easily landing an 8 in the aesthetics category. As far as durability goes, I did reapply this product a couple of times throughout the day, so it gets a 5 on that front. Overall, the Stretch Concealer scored a 7.25. To be honest, if you’re looking for a high coverage concealer, this probably isn’t the product for you. However, if you’re just trying to cover up a couple of zits and some small red areas, I would definitely recommend it.


Generation G Matte Lip Shadep1020092

Ahh, the Generation G Lip Shade. To be honest, I didn’t hate this product, but at the same time I didn’t love it. I ordered the crush shade, hoping to find a fun fuschia pink lip product. However, it took a few layers of this product to get to that point. Which is fine I guess because it adds versatility to the occasions when I can wear this shade, but it wasn’t ideal. With that being said, the Generation G gets a 7 in the aesthetics category and a 5 in the intensity category. This product was very lightweight –an ongoing trend in Glossier products– which I did not mind at all and actually preferred, but it did seem to be a little dehydrating. At first, I put this product on before I put on chapstick, and found that my lips started to feel a little parched. After taking off the product and putting on some lip balm before reapplying, my lips were pretty comfortable, so I would definitely recommend priming your lips with chapstick before applying the product. The lip shade scores a 4 when it comes to comfort. Finally, the durability category. I only had to reapply this product a couple of times throughout the day which is not a bad record for a lip product, so it gets an 8 in durability. Overall, the Generation G lip shade scored a 6.


All in all, I really liked the Glossier products and am definitely interested in trying some of their other products (especially if that means getting more free stickers). I noticed that these products are all very natural looking, which a quality that I usually look for in my makeup. I also felt as if they were all pretty versatile and easy to apply which was great for a non beauty guru like myself. Furthermore, I really admire the Glossier message of embracing natural beauty and their mission to relate to all types of women.



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