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There seems to be an ongoing battle between the major cities of the American coasts: New York City and Los Angeles. Some people claim that a person naturally affiliates with one or the other, but is the choice really that clear? When thinking about the cities, the television show Sex and the City comes to mind. In particular, when the four loyal New York women depart their home ground on a vacation to LA. The main character Carrie Bradshaw remarks “New Yorkers are trained to hate Los Angeles” only to “realize something startling, [she] was actually starting to like LA.” By the end of the second episode, the women’s LA hypnosis broke and they rushed back to New York.

However, my spring break trip to LA did not leave me as decisive as the Sex and the City characters. I grew up in New Jersey constantly traveling to and from New York City. The culture and energy of the city has always appealed to me, and I never really questioned living anywhere else after graduation. Yet, as I ventured to LA last week I fell in love with its laid-back nature and beautiful scenery. It is as though each city brought out different sides of myself that are equally important to me. With people being multifaceted individuals, I do not think we need to characterize ourselves with only one city.

In this photo essay, I attempt to capture the beauty at the heart of both cities and the lives of the people that inhabit them. Some people like to affiliate with only one city, but I do not think we need to limit ourselves from the experiences provided from each.

New York:

Los Angeles:

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