On Our Radar: Nick Machak and Jordan Weinstock

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All photographs courtesy of Sarah Kaplan and Megan Stansbury

Note: All of our featured radio shows can be found at mixlr.com/kwur-903

Tell us a little bit about your show.

N: Our show is called What’s Left of the Dial? Make sure your intonation includes the question mark. Jordan and I co-DJed last semester also. Our idea going in was to play whatever eclectic tunes we were listening to at the time; the weirder, the better. J: We didn’t want to keep playing the hip tunes of the week. We’re not as high concept as some of the shows out there, but we’re on our way.


What led you to join KWUR?

N: I feel like with the amount of time I spend on music it would be a waste of time not to share it, whether it’s what I’m listening to or what I’m mixing myself, but I’m not just a part of KWUR for broadcasting purposes. KWUR gives us access to a lot of DJ programs, which has helped me with my personal work. KWUR also has a lot of cross functionality. We book shows, we create zines, we rent equipment out to parties and groups…J: I’ve legitimately thought about not having a show next semester just because there’s so much else you can do through KWUR.



What can listeners expect to hear?

N: Almost anything! This week, on top of our set playlist, I’ll spice it up and DJ a bit using Traktor and a DJ controller. (Songs played include Annoying Potions by Secret Guest and Drip in My Walk by Kodie Shane).

Any musical guilty pleasures?

 N: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded by Nicki Minaj. We’re kindred spirits. People have called me Nicki Machaj.

What do you do behind the scenes:

J: When the mics are off? Gossip. N: We’ll catch up, we’ll dance…also, there’s a lot of work involved. We have to be logging our playlists online, monitoring mix levels, queuing the next song, and keeping track of the Mixlr. Sometimes people will chat us on our online forum. We’re barely ever going actual work; this is our two hour break from the week.



Do you have a favorite object in the KWUR studio?

N: We have a jar of strawberry jam signed by Animal Collective. They were here in like 2007; I saw them play again last year and told them to come back, so we’ll see.