On Our Radar: Zoe Finkelstein

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Tell us a little bit about your show.

My show is called The Vegan Carnivore Chronicles feat. Queen P (Queen P is Zoe’s cat). My co-host [Josephine Lyss-Williams] and I don’t stick to a specific genre; we’ve adopted a play-whatever-youre-feeling-that-week philosophy. Every now and then I’ll give play-by-play updates of what my cat is doing via a live feed to my bedroom. I feel like that’s very much the KWUR aesthetic: anything weird and random.

Who are you currently playing on repeat?

I discovered Cyberbully Mom Club right before my 3D Design studio today; I ended up listening to them for the entire three hour studio.

What’s your favorite object in the KWUR studio?

I love everything in here! This whole studio is a wonderful mess of inappropriateness and hilarity. I notice a new thing written on the walls every time I’m in here. One of my favorites is “we killed the wiggles.”

Any guilty pleasure songs?

I’ll never say no to Mr. Brightside.

What’s your show like behind the scenes?

When the mic is turned off, Josephine and I like to chitchat about our lives; this show is really the only time we have to catch up. I’ve written on the walls a lot. Sometimes my boyfriend visits. I also always bring my sketchbook into the studio with me…what I do really depends on the day.

What’s currently in your fanny pack?

Scotch tape, headphones, Dentyne FIRE, hand lotion, and polaroid pictures. And Vaseline. I’m a huge advocate for Vaseline. You never know when you’ll need it.

Is there any musician in particular who has influenced you?

I feel like this might hurt my KWUR street cred, but I’ve loved Ed Sheeran since before he was big; when I first heard ‘Give Me Love’ I thought he had the voice of an angel.

What impact do you want to have on listeners?

Before KWUR, I wasn’t too keen on finding new music; joining has really helped expand my taste. I want my listeners to know that it’s okay to go for something new and weird. You’ll never get bored listening to music you’ve never heard before. Today I listened to three new albums and loved them all, and it made my entire day. I love music. I’m such a dork, but it’s so great.

What would your first hit single be called?

I hate to make everything about my cat, but it would probably be something about my cat. Or about Vaseline.


Catch Zoe’s show every Monday evening from 8PM to 10PM.

Note: All of our featured radio shows can be found at mixlr.com/kwur-903

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