Staff Picks – Autumn Outerwear

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Staff Picks – Autumn Outerwear

Finally, the infamous STL Autumn is approaching us, and I have jackets on my mind. From bangin’ bomber jackets to lounging crewnecks, we’ve covered a variety of materials and shapes. Here are the “staff picks” for the jacket brands and styles you’ve got to get your hands on before the leaves fall.

Let your obsession begin (trust me, ours already has).


Bangin’ Bombers:

For the courageous silk lover, bomber jackets are the way to go this fall. From minimalist, to appliquéd with unique designs, here are Armour’s favorite bombers we plan to strut in this fall:

Valfre: Started by illustrator Ilse Valfré, Armour’s own Grace Gilbert exposed us to the brand as she interned as part of their team last summer. Valfre’s bomber jackets are perfectly unique and playful. Let your inner creative shine with these illustrative designs.


Shop at, or check out her Instagram @valfre







Feeling less adventurous?

Want a little less pop? With online shopping hubs like,, and, simpler bomber jackets are in all over the web, waiting for you to find your perfect fit.


















Classic Denim Décor:

Loving the graphic elements of the bomber, but not feeling like silk is your style? For all of you classics out there, the embellished jean jacket trend is your perfect fall staple. Check out these options to get your denim on:

The Vintage Priest: Much like Valfré, The Ragged Priest is perfect for an edge to your look. The denim selection is larger than life—a loose fitting cut with distinct designs–some of which are even hand painted.

denim denim1

















Feeling Less Adventurous?

Classic means classic, right? For a more traditional jean jacket look still worthy of your Fall splurge, check out Madewell’s denim bar. Better yet, treat yourself to their custom monograming service, where you can get a simple jacket specialized just for you.


Comfy Crewnecks:

For those days you’re running late for your 9 AM lecture class, feel free to still rock confidence in these comfy but a la mode sweatshirts and crewnecks.

Urban Sophistication: Praised by Vogue and more importantly, the Kardashian Dynasty, Urban Sophistication puts the wit in street style. Made in NY by siblings Neta and Elad Yam, these designs will you sporting the classic college-student uniform in your own way.

sweatshirt bowie-crewneck

Shop at or check out their Instagram @urbansophistication_boutique









Feeling Less Adventurous?

Too Meta? If you still want to up your comfortable street style, outerwear by Fila and Calvin Klein are subtly hip, and just as comfortable. Check their newest brand collaborations with Urban Outfitters, or on instagrams @filausa and @calvinklein

sweatshirt2 sweatshirt1

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