Street Style: Unique Hair, Don’t Care

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Walking around campus, especially the Sam Fox area, I couldn’t help but notice the wide array of hairstyles – dyed, natural, braided, styled, you name it. There is a special quality of hair that, when unique, influences people to stop and take a second look. As the recent presidential candidate Hillary Clinton once joked, “if I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.” It catches people’s attention and gives them something to talk about. Yet, hair can also be a powerful expression. It can be anything from an act of rebellion to an expression of inner self, a sort of outward communication to the world saying this is who I am and how I think. Internally, hair gives a person the ability to take control over something in life. Throughout time, hairstyles have evolved and come back again. Above all, hairstyles consistently allow people to take risks. I have photographed some bold students who turned their hair into an artful representation of themselves.

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