Urban Exploration: St. Louis Doughnut Crawl 2

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Inspired by our fellow staff members, it was decided to revisit the St. Louis Doughnut Crawl, visiting some old, and some new places where one could find the glazed treat…sometimes straying from what one might recognize as the classic doughnut.

Strange Donuts

With tasty treats and new flavors every day, Strange Donuts will have you propping your elbow on the check-out counter, leaning over asking “what’s your freshest donut?” (well, we did, at least). Located on Sutton Blvd, in Maplewood, Strange Donuts’s bright blue and friendly store front peeks out from the surrounding, sleepy neighborhood. If you’re interested in stimulating your taste buds, or are just feeling a little ~edgy~, Strange’s diverse daily assortment is sure to satisfy the most diverse palette. From Caramel Bacon to Mint Chocolate Chip, Strange Donuts stays true to its name, but that’s exactly what makes this little spot so special to the surrounding community. Founded by a Wash U grad, Jason Bockman, Strange Donuts not only pushes to make an impact in the Donut circuits but also in its surrounding community. With the recent founding of Strange Cares, Bockman and his eclectic business aims to empower kids by providing them fun and creative outlets to express themselves. While I sure might not be able to stomach a bacon covered donut, I sure can get behind helping kids and selling happiness. And doubling fisting Pumpkin Spice and Red Velvet goodness, of course.

Donut Drive-In

Located on the corner of Chippewa Street, Donut Drive-In is a tiny but powerful source for classic, fresh donuts. If left turns make you anxious (like me) drive slowly, because this spot may be easy to miss! Once inside, you have your pick of all the traditional flavors and styles of donuts, from glazed to sprinkles Donut Drive-In provides a fun and nostalgic adventure for any donut lover. If you go during the day, you also have the chance to visit the Back to the Future-esque antique store right across the street, while your sweet treat digests. They even have a vintage car outside that makes for a great shot.

Diana’s Bakery

Some may call it the heart of Cherokee Street, Diana’s is a family run Mexican-inspired bakery with all types of breads, donuts and pastries. A personal favorite would of course have to be the pan dulce or the toasty churros. Once inside the store, you begin with an empty tray and end with a full stomach and happy heart. While for me Diana’s Bakery was a taste from my very Hispanic household, all the sweet treats and different flavors would make this stop a top priority. While their actual doughnut selection is slim, Diana’s is a great place to become familiar with new sweet treats, some of which may even be outside of your own culture.


Writing: Romulo Sosa

Photography: Madeline Montoya

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