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Recently, I caught up with an old friend, Melisa Seah. Back in high school, she started a club called Run Without Boundaries that raised thousands of dollars a year to support local Shanghai charities. Now, attending USC Marshall School of Business in Los Angeles, she’s still keeping busy.


What is Classic Revivals’ core mission?

Classic Revivals addresses the issue of waste and lack of sustainability in the fashion industry. By choosing to purchase eco-friendly clothing that already exists rather than supporting companies that expend valuable resources to make low quality items, Classic Revivals provides unique and one-of-a-kind pieces from brands such as Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, and Cole Haan.


How did you go about starting your company?

This was something I had always wanted to do back in high school. I always had an interest in fashion and had wanted a platform for vintage, sustainable pieces that had a minimalist, modern, and bold aesthetic. I met some inspirational people who encouraged me to try, and after months of curating pieces and setting up the accounts, we finally began.”

How do you select your pieces?

I personally go around vintage stores across Los Angeles in search of pieces. My peers will also bring me pieces and certain stores I have relationships with will send us pieces. Then we go through all of them and select those of high quality that fit the look of the vintage + modern collection we have.

What are some of your favorite pieces?

My favorite pieces are all vintage, and I especially love the silk dress because of the texture and how it flows in such an elegant way. The velvet sweater dress is also one of my top finds, and I think it’s trendy and pairs well with the high knee boots.

What are your future plans for Classic Revivals?

Right now, we already have customers not only in Los Angeles but across major cities in America. We are looking to expand our customer base to other universities through brand ambassadors who would help promote our vision and even help curate pieces locally to offer faster shipping to the city they are based in. I’m so excited for what’s to come for us!

*Use promotional code WASHU30 to get 30% off any order!

Instagram: @classicrevivals

Website: Classic Revivals


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