Imbalance Editorial No. One

It seems as if our world is dangling by a thread. The uncertainty in the air is looming and there is a new apparent imbalance in our everyday lives. In this editorial, we aimed to convey this imbalance through physically styling looks that were irregular from their asymmetry to the extreme poses of the models. Scraps of fabric were cut and sewn into imperfect shapes and held together with strings that were tied onto the models as threads were dangled through their fingers, holding them together, in an imbalanced manner.

Creative Direction Josie Zimmerman
Styling Reilly Brady, Erica Coven, Mackenzie Llewellyn, Josie Zimmerman
Photographs Anika Kumar
Editor Josie Zimmerman
Featuring Reilly Brady, Erica Coven, Afva Farrar, Emily Hanson

Armour Magazine Season 25 — F/S 2020

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