Staring Into the Sun

Yellow is the color of transformation. 

In the morning, she’s the dried yellow of a corn field — unveiled after the spring sun melts winter snows — waiting to be tilled. In the evening, sheโ€™s the color of fall leaves before they turn brown and crunchy, 

Near dawn and dusk she is a warm yellow draping herself across tree branches and telephone poles; welcoming the transitions between light and dark. In these moments she looks how we knew her as children, when we drew the sun with bright Crayola yellow and with rays outstretched like arms.

Under a yellow sun the world starts to feel like honey, the trees sway and the squirrels wallow, drinking in the sticky serenity of these golden hours. She is so inviting that even the most timid apartment dweller is tempted to venture out and bask in her warmth.

That night they go to sleep dreaming of the sunset and the next morning a yellow dandelion finds its way through a crack in their concrete steps. They pick her up and carry her with them. She sits behind an ear or in a buttonhole carried along as a pocket-sized piece of the sun.

Later, a yellow sweater peaks out among the racks of second-hand clothes, bright against the backdrop of blues and greys. They snatch her up and bring her to the register before they can second guess themself. 

Walking down the street in their yellow sweater they feel themselves stick out like a red umbrella in the rain. But when they look up and see faces and storefronts tinged with the same golden hue that drew them out into the world, they start to stand a little taller and stride a little wider.

Creative Directionย Caroline Hundley
Words Nisha Mani
Photographs Becca Tarter
Featuring Zinaida Calixte

Armour Magazine Season 26 โ€” S/S 2021

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Kyle might be short, but he's got a big personality. His Brothers from Alpha Delt call him peacock because of both his arrogance and style. Don't be fooled by the fratty attitude - Kyle's got a soft side. Not in a sweet way, though, just in a deeply insecure way. He's looking for someone to heat thing up in his bedroom this Valentine's.

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Bella's the goth girlfriend of your dreams. Underneath the eyeliner, she's got a heart of gold, and is incredibly sweet. She believes relationships should be 50/50, and by that, she means she wants someone who spends 50% of their day with her and the other 50% wishing they were with her.
She's most compatible with Fire signs, and can't wait to find her next flame.

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Eleanor is a Type-A business girly. Her Google Calendar is full and her LinkedIn is popping. She has extremely high standards for both herself and others, and is always striving to be the best. This girlboss has cleared her schedule this Valentines, and can't wait to meet her match.

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Aj (short for Anthony James, but please don't call him that) is one cool cat. This former pre-med-turned stoner now spends his days getting blitzed, playing Xbox, and carrying around his skateboard (which he never actually rides). Although his intense anxiety made him switch majors, he never switches up his self-medication regime, involving a quarter a week. In the spirit of the holiday, he's taking a break from lighting up to look for someone to light up his life.

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