Giving Up Touch

Technology has become a facet of nearly every part of our life. It’s no surprise that it is also impacting the way we interact with beauty. From filters to apps, technology can morph the way we see ourselves. We wanted to flip the switch and use the art of projections in order to emphasize the beauty that’s already there. Tech isn’t going anywhere, but we owe it to ourselves to develop a deeper relationship with it.

From learning Tik Tok dances to embroidering to binging Tiger King, most of us did what we could to stay sane during quarantine. But just one more unintended consequence of the pandemic is the loss of a form of creativity. While previously creativity could be funneled into make up or glamour, we are limited to our houses, distanced. This shoot presents a new form of creativity. We focused on intertwining lights and projections to create socially distanced make up looks. Rather than focusing on what we’ve lost, we wanted to focus on the possibility of what can be created in that same space.

When this issue rolled around, resident makeup artist Stephanie Chui began to get creative with her ideas surrounding makeup. Rather than being discouraged at obvious obstacles associated with doing creative looks, an idea bloomed in her head. The models were asked to wear a natural look, while Stephanie drew one real time. She then projected the look onto the model’s faces. Not only did this shoot represent a new outlet of creativity during the pandemic, but it further encapsulated our relationship with connection in general. We aim to posit the question of what human connection really means. Does it have to be sharing physical touch with another? It seems that we as people living through COVID 19 are a resilient breed, creating new ways of connecting with one another using the technology at our disposal. 

The use of the projector also highlights the distance between each other. 6 feet is the general rule. The projector can change lights and shapes based on how far it is from the model. We used it to highlight how distance can shape our relationship and perception of one another.

Direction & Projection Stephanie Chui
Words Ellie Epperson
Photographs Isabelle Roig
Styling Virginia Pittman
Hair Reilly Brady
Featuring Sofia Angulo-Lopera, Faith Phillips, Ziyan Zhang, Cecilia Liu

Armour Magazine Season 25 — F/S 2020

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